ECSM Forum on Protecting Intellectual Rights in Media

August 28, 2019

Jordanian expert in developing mass media Iman Jaradat participated in “Protecting Intellectual Property in Medi” forum, which is organized by board of Ethical Charter for Syrian Media in Gaziantep, Turkey. The forum’s sessions started on Wednesday. Independent journalists attended the forum, in addition to legal experts and representatives of ECSM organizations. In three sessions, attendants discussed: introduction to intellectual rights, the author’s rights and the effects of the internet content on the intellectual rights of the author.

In its second and last day, the forum will discuss on Thursday – also during three sessions – the following topics: way of choosing and using creative commons license, how to find audio and visual material in the internet in order to use it in news stories and finally, privacy policy and protecting data and their effects on mass media work.

The forum aims at drafting rules of the road that help improve the organizations’ skills in intellectual rights-related issues, especially in the media sector.

Board of ECSM had organized last month a workshop on leadership and governance in order to build capacities and enhance transparency and governance for member organizations.