ECSM Board Enhances Skills of Members by Organizing (Leadership and Governance) Workshop in Gaziantep

Gaziantep, July 26, 2019

Leadership and Governance workshop organized by ECSM board started Thursday. Participants include representatives of many of the Charter member media organizations. The workshop is part of the ECSM’s plan to “build capacities of member organizations and enhance their transparency and governance.”

For three days, trainer Dr. Walid Salhani; an international expert in civil society organizations issues, will talk about leadership and governance issues and what relates to them such as, transparency, integrity and receiving and paying bribery.

Dr. Salhani spoke in the first day about the relationship between organizations and donors and the management of partnerships and international grants for media organizations. He presented modals for development of media organizations capabilities (the Japanese Jaica modal and the Islamic Relief modal.)

In the second day, the trainer will present details on the structure of institutions or organizations that is related to regulation, statue, role of board of trustees, role of executive management, internal monitoring, external monitoring and its levels and financial control and management.

Also during the second day Salhani will explain in the second session basis and criteria of governance (transparency, integrity, accountability) and the issues of financial and management corruption (and how to acquire immunity against it by implementing rules of behavior and ethics). In the third and last session of the second day the trainer will present modals for development and sustainability.

Social role of organizations and their role in serving public interest and the relationship between organizations and their audience will be the topics to be discussed in the third and last day of the workshop.

Board of ECSM works on implementing an inclusive program of workshops that enable “Syrian media organizations which signed the Charter of performing their work ethically and professionally.” The board had already conducted several training courses and workshops.