ECSM Council Discusses Draft of “Complaints Committee”

July 31, 2019

Istanbul – With the presence of British journalist and member of Ethical Journalism Network trustees Mr. Chris Elliott, a two days’ workshop for discussing draft of “Complaints Committee” organized by members of ECSM council was concluded Wednesday. Among the attendants was a legal expert.

Participants discussed a 30 pages draft prepared by the council’s members that includes determinants and frameworks that regulate the work of the complaints committee.

The role of the committee is “to investigate complaints related to journalistic content and to issue annual reports and verdicts concerning professional violations through an independent committee.” The committee is also commissioned of “conducting training and awareness raising regarding issues such as professional and ethical criteria in media and the ideal practices in journalism.”

Mr. Elliott gave a positive evaluation of the draft, praising the professional maturity among the council’s members. He said the draft is “one of the best in the Middle East, coherent and transparent.”

Mr. Etliott gave few remarks on some of the articles in the draft suggesting organizing a future workshop to produce a modified draft.