ESCM Organizes First Event in Idlib

ESCM Organizes First Event in Idlib

The General Board of Ethical Charter for Syrian Media (ECSM) organized on August 14, 2018 the first forum of “Ethical Journalism” in the north of Syria.

The forum was held in the city of Idlib and was attended by 23 male journalist and five women journalists representing different local Syrian media outlets that are active in the north of Syria.

The forum discussed ethical and professional codes of journalism and the current situation of the Syrian media, in addition to shedding light on ECSM and its scope of work.

Akram Al Ahmad, director of ECSM and the forum facilitator said, “there are many events to be organized after this forum in compliance with the ECSM policy that aims to extend its reach into the Syrian interior.”

Reporter of Syria TV in Idlib province Ahmad Asi praised the quality of issues discussed in the forum adding that, “these issues must be discussed and focused on by media workers.”

From her side, Amani Saflo, a Syrian writer and journalist, stressed the necessity of repeating such events, pointing that, “it’s not easy to group such a big number of media outlets with different orientations in one place and then agreeing on specific media codes as what happened today.”