ECSM 11th Meeting Concluded Its work

The second and last day of the roundtable meeting number 11 of the General Board of Ethical Charter for Syrian Media (ECSM) was concluded in Istanbul on Tuesday June 24, 2018. The meeting was attended by representatives of member organizations of the general board of ECSM.

The first session was devoted to discussing several issues related to the dangers that media organizations might face in the next period due to changes occurring in the Syrian geography.

Under the heading “what to do?”, attendants exchanged views regarding measures and mechanisms that need to be adopted to keep up with developments and potential scenarios.

Views varied between the need of integration of member organizations and the need to have a leading entity in which ECSM plays a major role. The need to reach wider new public inside and outside the country was also discussed.

In the second and third sessions participants split into groups which discussed strengths and weaknesses of ECSM according to what is known as SWOT analysis in order to set strategic targets that the ECSM board will seek to achieve in the coming period. Attendants then agreed upon a set of strategic goals and submitted them to the ECSM board in order to be studied and endorsed in the next annual plan.