First Day of ECSM 11th Meeting Concluded

The first day of the roundtable meeting number 11 of the General Board of Ethical Charter for Syrian Media (ECSM) was concluded in Istanbul on Monday June 23, 2018. The meeting was attended by representatives of member organizations of the general board of ECSM.

ECSM Board of Directors provided report of its annual report of the year 2017, in addition to what has been accomplished during the last period of the year 2018.

The general secretary of ECSM provided a report on the budget submission for the years 2017, 2018. Participants were briefed on the  financial activities that were run by ECSM general board during the relevant period.

One session was devoted to discussing the proposed amendments to the basic law and membership policy which was prepared as a draft and distributed to participants who affirmed the need to deep study of this draft, especially membership policy and eligibility of organizations to join ECSM. Discussions included the possibility of having diverse membership levels and dividing membership according to specific arrangements.